Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions Hockey 22/23 Hobby

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Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions Hockey 22/23 Hobby

Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions Hockey 22/23 Hobby

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•    Parkhurst Champions is a new product offering that appeals to both set collectors and rookie-card collectors.  

•    The 350-card Base Set features the game’s top superstars…past, present, and future. The checklist includes 25 Rookie SPs and 25 Legends SPs and look for a bevy of parallels including Premium Memorabilia and Autographs.

•    Parkhurst Champions features a retro insert set themed after the iconic 1951-52 Parkhurst Set. The 100-card Retros insert set includes top 2022-23 rookies.  Collect the Wrapper Back Variations paying tribute to the original packaging design, as well as regular and low numbered Autograph parallels.

•    The 1950s are considered the golden age of jukebox popularity. The Jukebox Heroes insert pays tribute to these iconic music boxes. Look for other 50’s inspired insert sets including 50’s Flashbacks.

•    Tomorrow’s Riches features the best young players in the league and each card includes a perimeter diecut. Look for Gold Parallels and serial numbered Autographs. 

•    Big Hits! Look for more big-time booklet cards, Mem-orable Booklet Autos and Mem-orable Rookie Booklet Autos, featuring memorabilia and autographs from the game’s best and brightest current players.

•    Bigger Hits! Collect Mem-orable Booklet Cuts featuring cut autographs from the game’s most iconic legends.

BOX BREAK (on average)


Autograph or Memorabilia Card!


Base Set Rookies and/or 

Legends SP Cards


Base Set Rainbow 

Parallel Cards


Jukebox Heroes, Tomorrow’s Riches, 50’s Flashbacks and/or Wire Images Cards


‘51 Retro Cards


Base Set Color Variation Cards


Base Set Gold Rainbow Parallel Card


Additional Hit!


Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.

Memorabilia & Autograph Memorabilia Booklet Cards

Issued via Redemption Cards

Card                                 #’ing/Ratio

Parkhurst MEM-orable Booklet Cuts                      Varied #’ing

Parkhurst MEM-orable Booklet Cuts Autos                 #’d to 10

Parkhurst MEM-orable Booklet Cuts Rookie Autos                 #’d to 25

Additional Autograph, Memorabilia & Autograph Memorabilia Cards

Card                                 #’ing/Ratio<

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